Can you recognise your town from satellite images?

See how well you know the different parts of Singapore - and which town council is overseeing which area.

Following the Sept 11 General Election, 16 town councils have been formed to manage Singapore's 29 constituencies. In a statement on Oct 1, the Ministry of National Development said that of the 16 town councils, two are new, 13 have been reconstituted, and one remains unchanged. Read more here

We want to put your knowledge of Singapore to the test with this quiz, using satellite images.


  • • See if you can identify the 16 areas and the town councils overseeing them based on screenshots below.

  • • If you need help, tap or click the "Hint" button to reveal key locations, roads or landmarks.

  • • Once you submit your answer, the map will reveal which town council is in charge of the area, but choose carefully as you only have one chance.

  • • After you have finished the quiz, scroll down for the interactive map of all 16 areas.

Map of Singapore's 16 towns councils

Explore the new town council divisions in the map below. Enter your address in the search box and find out which town council your area comes under.

Note: Thirteen town councils were reconstituted, as some areas under their management became part of other towns after changes to electoral boundaries. The management of these areas will be transferred to the reconstituted town councils with effect from Dec 1.

Figures of HDB residential units are correct as at Sept 11, 2015.