US elections 2016
US elections 2016
US elections 2016

Key dates in the 2016 US presidential election

The United States will elect a new president on Nov 8, but the road to the White House begins much earlier. Here are some key dates from the busy election calendar that began with the primaries and caucuses in February, going on to the party conventions in July, and leading to the election in November.

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Three key phases of the US election campaign

Phase 1: Primary season, Feb 1 to June 14
The primary race is about claiming enough delegates to clinch the party nomination. The candidate with the majority of delegates wins the party nomination. See the results from the primaries here.

Phase 2: Party conventions, July
Each party will make the official announcement of its presidential and vice-presidential nominees only at the party convention in July. Read about the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Phase 3: Election day, Nov 8
US voters take to the polling booths on Nov 8 to decide who will succeed president Barack Obama in the White House. Follow the latest coverage here.

Source:Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, AFP
Note: All dates are as per US time.
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