LIVE BLOG: Bukit Batok by-election - Nomination Day, April 27

Today is Nomination Day for the May 7 Bukit Batok by-election. Follow our live blog for real-time updates.

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In Pictures: A look at the PAP camp on Nomination Day. ST PHOTOS: LIM YAOHUI

More on the two candidates who will stand in the May 7 Bukit Batok by-election

Recap both Mr Murali Pillai and Dr Chee Soon Juan's speeches at Keming Primary School, courtesy of ST's Lim Yan Liang

Mr Murali, still on the campaign trail, is spotted boarding feeder bus 941. ST PHOTO: NG KENG GENE

Dr Chee, meanwhile, intends to continue his house and coffee shop visits for the rest of the day. 

More posters are seen going up at Bukit Batok Central and along Bukit Batok East Avenue 3. ST PHOTOS: NEO XIAOBIN, NG KENG GENE

Election posters have started sprouting up around the constituency, report ST's Chong Zi Liang and Lim Yan Liang

Following Mr Murali on his campaign trail, ST's Ng Keng Gene spots the PAP candidate introducing himself to two residents in Mandarin: "My name is Murali, you can call me Ah Mu."


PAP's Murali Pillai says caring for Bukit Batok residents forms the foundation of his manifesto. In a Facebook post, the 48-year-old reiterates that Bukit Batok is a mature town with evolving needs, and that the PAP must continue to ensure it constantly meets the needs of residents. ST PHOTOS: LIM YAN LIANG


Dr Chee ends his doorstop with the conclusion that the $1.9 million upgrading plan announced by PAP's Mr Murali seems to be a "knee-jerk reaction" everytime an election comes. 

He also calls for a clean campaign, for no mud slinging and no gutter politics as he obliged autograph seekers after the doorstop. ST PHOTO: CHONG ZI LIANG

The police has designated two sites that can be used for rallies. 

Responding to reports that SDP banners were spotted in Bukit Batok before nomination had officially closed, Dr Chee says: "I think they were trying to position it...we are not sure, we are asking them to take it down... I am sure they have taken it down by now". ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN  

A SDP banner seen at Block 101, Bukit Batok Avenue 1, at 12.29pm. 

Dr Chee says he has met many elderly in dire situations. Residents want not just someone to turn up for a Meet-the-People session, but for someone who can be their friend and sit down to hear them out.

He adds that the first destination for Mr Murali in the morning will be his workplace, but for him - as a full-time MP if he is elected - it will be Bukit Batok

ST's Rachel Au-Yong reports that Mr Murali has wasted no time in embarking on the campaign trail. The first Bukit Batok resident he greets at the traffic light is Mr Leow. 

The Elections Department, in response to media queries, has issued the following statement on private-hire car driver Shirwin Eu and former opposition candidate Kwan Yue Keng: 

"Mr Shirwin Eu and Mr Kwan Yue Keng were at the Nomination Centre. Election officials explained to them the requirements and procedure under the law for nomination as an election candidate. Both individuals left after hearing the explanation without filing any nomination papers.  

 "Nomination proceedings are to ensure that only candidates who meet the legal eligibility and procedural requirements under the law stand for election. To be nominated as a candidate, the Parliamentary Elections Act states that, amongst other requirements, the candidate needs to duly fill up his nomination paper and be accompanied by his Proposer, Seconder and at least 4 Assentors whose names must appear in the current register of electors for the constituency when filing his papers between 11am and 12pm on Nomination Day. Candidates must also pay the election deposit before 12pm on Nomination Day."

Speaking in Mandarin, Dr Chee takes aim at Mr Murali for promising to serve with all his heart, yet announcing that he had to be elected first before a 3G park can be built. Does he have the interests of Singaporeans at heart? ST PHOTO: CHONG ZI LIANG

Dr Chee, at a doorstop with the media, criticises the PAP about upgrading issues, saying that if the PAP were genuinely caring, they would not have said that if not elected, they would not have the mandate to carry out upgrading. 

He added that former MP David Ong had announced a $24 million upgrading plan during GE 2015, and asked for an update on the plan. He also called on Mr Murali to address this plan. 

Dr Chee has pledged in both Mandarin and English to be a full-time MP. "I want to make Bukit Batok the envy of Singapore," he declares. Chants of the slogan "Now Is The Time" ring out from SDP supporters after Dr Chee's speech. ST PHOTO: LIM YAN LIANG

Cheers of Ah Mu and PAP are heard as Mr Murali begins his speech. He starts off in Malay before saying: "Residents of Bukit Batok, I'm Murali. Together, let's make Bukit Batok a beautiful place for all of us. Vote for PAP, vote for a better home, vote for a brighter future!"

Bukit Batok by-election: PAP's Murali Pillai and SDP's Chee Soon Juan are confirmed to be in a straight fight. 

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