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Create your own National Day Parade!

Looking forward to NDP 2017? Here’s your chance to put together your very own parade and win Aug 9 NDP tickets or fun packs.

Put together your very own parade and stand a chance to win Aug 9 NDP tickets or fun packs.

Start by picking your avatar.


1. It’s simple, just mix and match your favourite location and performances.

2. Stand a chance to win Aug 9 NDP tickets or fun packs by sharing the final image on Facebook! One winner will also enjoy a behind-the-scenes NDP experience on July 22.



Now that your NDP is complete πŸ†, go ahead and share your creation on Facebook with hashtag #designwithST and make sure your post is  Public to stand a chance to win actual day tickets to NDP 2017 and NDP fun packs πŸŽ†.

Also, check out what others have chosen for their NDPs. Click the icons to read more.

Marina Bay Floating Platform

Marina Bay Floating Platform

The location was meant to be temporary and many thought it saw its last NDP in 2014 but the committee chose this venue this year in a surprise move.

National Stadium

National Stadium

The new National Stadium opened its doors in 2014 and hosted the 2016 NDP. It features a retractable dome roof which can double up as a projector.



The Padang is a key feature in our nation's history and has hosted 20 past NDPs including Singapore's very first in 1966.

Aerial acts

RSAF Black Knights

Singapore's favourite aerobatics jet team the RSAF Black Knights

The Black Knights is the official aerobatics team of the RSAF made out of six F-16 Fighting Falcons painted red and white, just like Singapore's national colours.

Red lions

Singapore's daredevil parachuters, the Red Lions

The Red Lions parachuters are best known for their free-falling displays and since their first appearance in the 1989 NDP, they've been a perennial crowd favourite.


Iconic Chinook flying Singapore's flag through the sky

The state flag flypast is iconic of the NDP. A little known fact: the task of rolling up the flag, measuring 27m by 18m, is a mammoth one that takes 25 people two hours to complete.


A high-tech performance of drones to future-proof NDP

Drones were used for the first time in NDP performances last year and will be returning with yet another unique aerial display for NDP 2017.


The annual spectacle of fireworks is an NDP must-have

No NDP is complete without fireworks, and despite venue constraints last year, organisers made it work by dazzling audiences with the NDP's first ever indoor fireworks display.

Land acts

Military column

Marching of Singapore's most disciplined and brave

In 2015, a Vintage Parade was held to commemorate Singapore's 50th birthday. The marchpast had nine contingents formed by individuals from organisations like the police, POSB and the PUB, the national water agency.

Marching dogs

Marching contingent of 50 labradors and alsatians

In 1973 and during Singapore's first evening parade, these 50 labradors and alsations marched on-leash during the parade which made for a very cute spectacle.

Neon light men

Dancers in neon-lit suits for sci-fi inspired performance

Performers in neon-lit suits were part of NDP 2016, paying homage to the country's dedication to innovation and technology, in a performance akin to a science fiction world a la Tron.

Female bagpipers

Female Bagpipers made up of 36 women in the 1967 celebrations

Singapore's second NDP saw more women participating, with 36 female bagpipers – comprising young professionals, teachers and students – as a main draw.


School-aged children participate in the NDP every year

Some Singaporeans would have fond memories participating in NDP as a child; if not they would have probably attended the rehearsal as a Primary 5 pupil, chomping on fast food and watching the parade up close.

Children's Choir

Students from different schools come together in one voice

The combined schools' choir gave Singapore students the chance to participate in the nation's annual bash and usually comprises hundreds of students from various schools.


A wild mer-dragon appeared in NDP 2008.

The merlion was caught pretending to be a dragon at the 2008 NDP, even taking part in dragon dances put together by the 40th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment.

Motorcycle stunts

Thrilling motorcycle manoeuvres by officers

Officers from the Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command, Singapore Police and Singapore Civil Defence Force performed acrobatic stunts on motorcycles in 2012 celebrations.

Parade floats

Floats paraded along the streets in past NDPs

The 1971 NDP was the first to include the iconic mobile parade floats from various organisations. Choirs also debuted in that year's edition.

Stilt walker

Firework-spewing stilt walkers were a highlight of the 1999 NDP

Stilt walkers have always featured at each year's celebrations, but those in 1999 stood out for their dazzling fireworks spewing from the walkers' back.

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Winners will be contacted via direct message on Facebook by July 20. Up to 38 fun packs and 15 pairs of Aug 9 NDP tickets are for grabs, with one top winner expected to enjoy a behind-the-scene NDP experience on July 22. Winners should collect the tickets or fun packs from SPH News Centre between July 24 to 28 from 9am to 6pm.

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